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new release 6.1 sp2 – measure with ergonomics and simplicity
new release | touchdmis

The new version of TouchDMIS 6.1 SP2 has been released; here the main new capabilities:

manual alignment using v7 laser scanner directly
  • TouchDMIS allows now to make the first part alignment directly with the V7 laser scanner.
  • It is not required (although it is possible) to make a pre-alignment with a tactile probe.
  • It is enough to roughly scan the areas to be used for the alignment even manually by joystick.
  • The features extracted by the scanned cloud of points can be used to make any possible type of required alignment.
points of interest
  • It is now possible, easy and intuitive to extract single points from a scanned cloud of points.
  • For each required point, a text or graphic report can be made.
  • Each single operation, will be automatically saved in the DMIS program so that, starting from the second part, everything will be done automatically.
True position tolerance

In this version an extensive changes were done in True position calculations in case datum is used. Calculations are now more universal, which leads to cover more datum combination cases

easy runner-job organizer
The Job Organizer option of Easy Runner allow to run the execution of multiple different parts measure by “One click”. All programs will be launched and run without the need of human presence. All reports will be automatically created and saved locally or wherever required, for example, by industry 4.0 specifications.
cad layer offset
The possibility to apply an offset to features covers now every features type.
surface profile tollerance
Not symmetrical surface profile tolerances are now supported. Modifiers from both ASME and ISO can be used.
Thermal compensation
Thermal compensation settings are now in the main measuring environment.
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SOFTWARE | touchdmis

The software for metrology touchdmis has been designed to offer the maximum productivity with ergonomics.

All the functionalities of our software TouchDMIS can be reached with “one touch” or one click of the mouse. TouchDMIS uses floating toolbars to allow direct access to the most used functionalities by means of three main buttons always accessible.

In one world, the metrology software TouchDMIS is “measure with simplicity”, with just few hours of training you will already be measuring.

touchdmis | general features
  • General features

    • Several numerical controllers and counting cards for measuring machines are supported (Renishaw – Pantec – CC3 – RD77 – AX3 – DEVA – IEPC)
    • Touch Probe Manager supports the following probe heads and sensors: PH10MQ – PH10M – PH10T – PH20 – SP80 – SP25 – TP20 – TP200 – TP2 – TP6 – MH20i
    • The following tool changers are supported: ACR3 – FCR25 – FCR25TC – MCR20 – TCR20 – SCR200
  • Standards supported

    • Programming language DMIS – ISO 22093
    • Tolerance – ASME Y14
    • Feature extraction algorithms – PTB (Physikalisch | Technische Bundesanstalt)
    • Filtering algorithms – ISO / TS16610-31:2010
    • STEP | Import | Export of CAD files
    • STEP – ISO 10303
    • I++DME Communication Protocol
  • Options

    Our TouchDMIS is available in 5 different versions:

    • Manual
    • Manual with CAD
    • Motorised (CNC)
    • Motorised (CNC) with CAD
    • Off-line
  • CAD

    • “One-Touch” extraction function
    • Import file CAD STEP – IGES
    • Export file CAD STEP
    • Native import of main CAD files (optional)
    • “Heavy” CAD files may be quickly and effectively imported and graphically edited
    • CAD transparencies to aid visualisation
    • “One-Touch” vector flipping
    • Optimised measurement strategy for the relevant features
    • Single “Touch” discs for point or path adjustment
    • Realistic off-line program simulation
  • Measure

    • Touchscreen to manage entirely the software by touch gestures
    • Direct measure “One Touch”
    • Measurement Wizards to guide you during the part inspection
    • “One Touch” features construction
    • “One Touch” CAD features extraction and selection
    • Part program view in Block simplified mode and extended DMIS editor
    • Blueprint Reporting optimized for two dimensional inspection needs
    • Graphical representation of inspected features
    • Thru – View Windows technology
    • Advanced functionalities automatically generated by popup menus
    • Relative features inspection designed and optimized for sheet-metal, plastic and aerospace needs
    • Automatic part program generation
  • hardware platforms supported

    • CMMs
    • Faro PCMMs (ask for supported models)
    • Tomelleri arms
    • RPS arms
    • Hexagon PCMMs (ask for supported models)
    • API Radian Pro and Radian Core Trackers
    • Microscribe Digitizers
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