Coordinate Measuring Machine Support

CMM Extended Warranty

An extended warranty of 36 months duration is available on all Renishaw products with a unique serial number. Renishaw products are renowned for their impeccable reliability however for a further piece of mind the extended warranty can be considered.

Renishaw’s extended warranty is available with the initial purchase of your COORD3 CMM or can purchase within the first 90 days of ownership and will ensure that your valuable CMM products are further protected once the initial one year warranty has expired.

CMM Retrofits

CMM machines are well proven to be long lasting as most use frictionless air bearings as guide ways and operate without the same forces endured by metal-cutting machinery and thus even in daily double shift operation experience very little wear and tear.  When a CMM machine structure has been regularly serviced its life can easily be extended with a retrofit well beyond 20 or even 30 years.

Like all electronic hardware and industrial software the CMM requires the retrofit of its CNC controller and metrology software approximately every 10 years to improve reliability and take advantage of technological developments.

Recent developments in CMM probing technology from Renishaw dramatically increased the metrological performance and productivity of coordinate measuring machines and uniquely these revolutionary advancements put even less demands on the CMM structure and as a consequence the recycling of your existing CMM structure becomes even more practicable.

The life-cycle of a typical CMM system is as follows:

  • CMM Mechanical Structure 20-30 years
  • Electronic Controller 10-12 years
  • Metrology Software 5-7 years
  • Computer System 3-5 years

Reasons why your CMM requires a full retrofit:

  • Controller and electronic parts become obsolete
  • Scales & reader head may become damaged or obsolete
  • Require compatibility with other Metrology Equipment

Typically a CMM retrofit will include replacement of all or some of the following components:

  • New latest generation Renishaw UCC CMM controller.
  • New axis scales and reader heads
  • New probe heads and sensors
  • Latest generation metrology software
  • New Computer System

Typically the original CMM OEM, if they are still in business, are more motivated to sell you a new CMM rather than apply their new technologies to your existing CMM structure. Renishaw has developed a comprehensive retrofit mission allowing all of their new Controller, Software and Probing solutions to be upgrade your current CMM. In addition the service, calibration and error mapping tools are open architecture allowing your local service provider to supply fast and effective support. We are able to retrofit almost any CMM to run the latest electronics, software and probing regardless of Brand and Model.