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Echo-Arm-graphic-300x268The COORD3 ECHO Portable Articulated Arm CMM is ideal for quick and accurate inspection of any parts within its measuring range. ECHO 6 axis portable arm CMM models are available with measurement ranges of 1.8m, 2,5m, 3,2m and 4.0m and with single point accuracy of 0.023mm.

ECHO is the latest generation of light-weight portable measuring arm CMM and resulting from more than 25 years of experience in the development and production of portable measurement arm solutions. Each arm is manufactured from carbon fiber providing a durable light-weight and stable measuring solution.

Enhanced Accuracy ECHO PLUS Model Range

The ECHO PLUS offers enhanced accuracy for the more demanding measurement applications.

The ECHO PLUS arm is available to be used in combination touch measurement and with a Laser Scanner for point cloud inspection or reverse-engineering and is available in 6 axis or 7 axis configurations.

Extended Reach ECHO PRO Model Range

ECHO PRO extends the measuring arm reach of portable arm CMM applications with a measuring range of 5m, 7m and 9m. ECHO PRO is the most unique portable arm CMM available in the global market today. The ECHO PRO portable articulated arm is unique for its size and incredible accuracy performance and perfect for the inspection of large parts where you need portable measurement capability with maximum flexibility with single point accuracy of 0.050mm.

Simple One Touch Measurement Software

Your ECHO portable arm comes standard with TouchDMIS measuring software offering full metrology performance at a Single Touch; inbuilt intellect allows inspection of repetitive features without any software interaction offering “Touchless” inspection. Check it out…

Pistol Grip Provides Ergonomic and Comfortable Operation

The 7 axis ECHO arm comes standard with the ergonomically designed “pistol grip” with integrated buttons and allows for comfortable and ergonomic arm measurements to be performed with the dynamically counterbalanced arm. The Grip includes a quick-release stylus holder for rapid styli changes to suite individual measurement tasks.

Floating Probe Head provides more Accurate Measurement

The optional Floating Probe Head allows the user to trigger measurement points by simply applying pressure to the holder. This unique device allows for more accurate point taking than traditionally available with portable arms when using hard probes and provides a ‘trigger measurement. without the need for an expensive touch-trigger probe.

Counter Balance & Electronic Brake

Double spring counter-balance provides light-weight operation; an electromagnetic brake prevents the user from accidental dropping and damaging the ECHO arm.

Features & Benefits

COORD3 ECHO Portable Arm CMMs are available with the following features and benefits:

  • Rigid alloy arm platform provides maximum stiffness
  • Standard and enhanced accuracy PLUS models
  • 6 or 7 axis arms
  • Extended reach PRO arms offer up to 9000mm measuring range
  • Double spring counter-balance provides lightweight operation
  • Electromagnetic safety brake prevents damage from dropping
  • Pistol Grip with fully integrated “trigger” buttons
  • Floating Probe Head provides enhanced accuracy measurement
  • High precision quick probe changer
  • Automatic probe type and ball size recognition
  • High resolution encoders
  • Automatic temperature compensation system
  • USB driver kit, power supply and USB cable
  • Lithium ION battery pack
  • Rugged case for storage & transportation
  • IP54 protection
Models & Sizes

COORD3 ECHO Portable Arm CMMs are available with the following measuring arm sizes:


6 Axis Arm Models: 1800mm | 2500mm | 3200mm | 4000mm


6 Axis Arm Models: 1800mm | 2500mm | 3200mm | 4000mm

7 Axis Arm Models: 1800mm | 2500mm | 3200mm | 4000mm


6 Axis Arm Models: 5000mm | 7000mm | 9000mm | 4000mm


7 Axis Arm Models: 1800mm | 2500mm | 3200mm | 4000mm


COORD3 ECHO Portable Arm CMMs are available with the following options:

  • Floating Probe Holder

Eliminates measuring inaccuracy associated with mechanical probes on portable arms. The electronic trigger action is independent of the arm removing potential errors in trigger position when using arm buttons as so the ruby styli position remains unchanged.

The Floating Probe Head offers increased measuring speed and precision when taking arm measurements.

  • Renishaw Touch Probe

The Renishaw LP2 Touch Probe allows the ECHO arm to automatically take measuring points similar to a traditional CMM. The LP2 probe offers up +/- 12.5 degrees compliance in X & Y with 6mm of over-travel in Z direction.

The LP2 is a fully sealed probe for use in rugged shop applications and is repeatable to 1 micron.

  • Laser Fork for Tube Inspection

The fork-shaped sensor tube allows for accurate and fast inspection of bent tube and pipes. The following standard Laser Forks sizes are available:

30mm | 50mm |80mm |150mm |200mm

  • Laser Line Scanner
  • Tripod
  • Granite Surface Plate
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