Swan Jupiter CMM - Production Inspection

Jupiter-HorizontalThe Swan Jupiter is an advanced measuring CMM developed for high-speed flexible in-process gauging of vehicle bodies (BIW) and welded sub-assemblies. The Jupiter model provides a rugged, fast and reliable system designed to operate in the toughest of manufacturing environments and can be used for process control monitoring as well as individual part inspection. The Swan Jupiter inspection robot systems are designed to be stand-alone or integrated with the production line. Jupiter can be configured with the Renishaw PHS continuous wrist allowing unique dexterity for under-body measurements and can carry ultra long extensions allowing reach of the most difficult access points by performing 5 axis simultaneous motion. It can also be equipped with high-speed non-contact measuring sensors allowing inspection of features in dramatically shortened measuring cycle time compared with touch probing systems.

The modular architecture of the Swan Jupiter can allows integration into the production process and can be supplied as multi-arm solutions. Jupiter design is extremely stable, stiff and resistant to the harsh shop floor conditions. Maximum arm speed of 580mm/sec with acceleration rates of 1500 mm/s² allow Jupiter to be a most effective production inspection system.

Features & Benefits
  • Available a single or twin arm configuration
  • Separate granite or cast iron surface plate option
  • Steel X guideway with optimum measuring scale position for accuracy and maintenance
  • Rugged machine construction for reliable operation in manufacturing environments
  • 0.1 micron resolution measuring scales incorporating dynamic signal processing
  • Dual precision Linear Guideways on X axis
  • Rigid air bearings to Y and Z axes with wide bearing spread ratios and low air consumption
  • Z axis counter-balance safety brake
  • Walk-on X axis steel covers for optimal operator access and safety
  • Thermal encapsulation of CMM with covers to minimize impact changing environment temperatures
  • Open access to CMM measuring area from all sides
  • Specifically designed for the shop floor environment
  • Suitable for floor-flush installation
  • Maximum Positioning Speed 580mm/sec
  • Maximum Acceleration 1500mm/sec²
Model Sizes

X axis strokes: 5000 | 6000 | 8000

Y axis strokes*: 1400 | 1600 | 1800

Z axis strokes: 2000 | 2500 | 3000)

*Per arm measuring stroke. Dual machine arms overlap by 100mm

MPEP  from 14 microns

MPEE  from 12 + 22L/1000 ≤ 50



  • Nominal Temperature 20 °C
  • Allowable Temperature Range: 18 – 22 °C (Extended Range 16 – 26 °C)
  • Temperature Gradient:  0.5° C/hour – 2° C/day – 0.5° C/meter (Extended Range 5° C/day – 1.0° C/meter)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 15 – 35 °C
  • Relative Humidity 40 – 80% (non condensing)
  • Acceptable Vibrations: 30mm/ sec2 1-10Hz | 15mm/ sec² 10-20Hz | 50mm/ sec² 20-100Hz


  • Minimum Air Supply 5.5 Bar -80PSI
  • Air Consumption 150Nl/min)
  • Power Supply Voltage 230v 50Hz or 110v 60Hz (+/- 2% single phase)
  • Maximum Power Consumption 10A 1400W

Performance Data

  • COORD3 CMM products are evaluated for accuracy using the ISO10360 standard.
  • Y axis protection bellows
  • Line laser scanning sensor
  • Renishaw PHS continuous wrist
  • Dynamic thermal compensation module
  • Granite of Cast Iron Support Plates

The Renishaw PHS continuous wrist is not locked into its driven angular position as with indexing heads; instead it is driven to the commanded position and as a probed measuring point is taken the wrist axes latch simultaneously with the axes of the CMM to provide accurate measurements. The head is protected by a built-in overtravel protection unit which signals the machine to stop in the event of a part collision.

The PHS can be supplied with probe mount change rack allowing probe extensions or adaptors to be exchanged to suit the probing task required without manual intervention. Its modular construction and simple operation enable any number of racks to be positioned on a pillar anywhere within the VMM measuring volume. The rack is passive: all locking and unlocking of adaptors and extensions is done by using the CMM motion.


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