MCT-StarLight-2-GantryThe COORD3 MCT range of Gantry CMM machines compliment the base MCT Gantry CMM series offering an extended range of sizes and dual drive and dual scales on the longitudinal axis providing enhanced dynamics and metrology performances. Ideal for the inspection of large components the MCT-SL series continue the COORD3 legacy of manufacturing large volume Gantry CMM machines with over 40 years of experience; machines are characterized by supreme mechanical design and structural stability that ensure long term accuracy performance and reliability.

The COORD3 MCT SL Gantry CMM offers a range of medium to large measuring volumes and have been developed for measuring large manufactured parts. Gantry CMM’s can be supplied with dual measuring scales and dual drives on the longituinal axis for improved metrological performance. This unique feature is particularly beneficial for maximizing the dynamic CMM performance without compromising accuracy.

The smaller model sizes of MCT SL Gantry CMMs can also be supplied with an integral Monolithic Base negating the requirement for a special foundation and ensuring that the machine can be moved at some future point; an all too frequent request in a dynamic manufacturing company.

The MCT SL Gantry CMM excels when inspecting large-scale components such as marine engines and transmissions, aeronautical structures, turbines and components for nuclear and thermal power plants and wind turbines. Inspection of large-scale parts are easy to perform with a true Gantry CMM due to its open access structure and with X and Y measuring scales at the same levels offer improved metrological performances.

COORD3 have supplied many of the largest Gantry style CMM machines ever built. COORD3 Gantry CMM models can be supplied with up to a 5000mm Y axis, 3000mm Z axis and X axis up to 20000mm. COORD3 is the Gantry CMM platform supplier to both Zeiss and Nikon Metrology.

MCT SL Gantry CMM models sizes available are: 20.20 | 25.18 | 25.20 | 30.20

The MCT SL Gantry CMM is available in two performance levels. Standard and NT High Performance models

The NT model has a silicon carbide Z axis column increasing the overall stiffness of the measuring platform and providing an outstanding CMM system for high accuracy metrology applications utilizing the full range of Renishaw scanning probes.

When sizing up the competition…its all about TIME

A COORD3 Gantry CMM can be suppled with the Renishaw REVO 5 axis probing technology making the CMM the most productive available. REVO provides the ability to measure component features using ‘Head Touches’; the unique new CMM measuring technique that measures using only the motion of the probe head completely eliminating CMM motion during feature inspection with a dramatically improved CMM productivity and metrology performances.

The REVO can be used in Touch, 3 Axis Scan or full 5 Axis Scan modes.

Features & Benefits
  • Ultra rigid steel CMM platform provides maximum stiffness for scanning applications
  • Rapid thermal diffusion by CMM frame when environment conditions change
  • FEA designed anti-deformation bridge beam provides optimum moment of inertia for minimum deflection when operating at high accelerations
  • Monolythic base option available on smaller models
  • Rigid air bearings to all axes with wide bearing spread ratios
  • 0.1 micron resolution measuring scales incorporating dynamic signal processing
  • Full digital motion control with probe path blending for optimized CMM performance
  • Zero hysterisis drives to all axes
  • Unique X axis beam mounting design offering stress free thermal stability
  • Large cross-section and rigid Z axis column
  • Open access to CMM measuring area from all sides
  • Maximum Positioning Speed 530mm/sec
  • Maximum Acceleration 800mm/sec2

NT Model Enhanced Features

  • Silicon Carbide Z axis column enhancing further CMM stiffness
  • 0.1 micron resolution measuring scales
  • Dual reader on X longitudinal axis
  • Dual drives on 3000mm bridge beam (optional on smaller sizes)
  • Dynamic thermal compensation system including part sensor
Models & Sizes

COORD3 Gantry CMMs are available with the following measuring strokes:

  • 40.20.20 | 50.20.20 | 60.20.20
  • 40.25.18 | 50.25.18 | 60.25.18
  • 40.25.20 | 50.25.20 | 60.25.20
  • 40.30.20 | 50.30.20 | 60.30.20 | 80.30.20

Note: Additional Y lengths up to 20m available upon request. 5000mm X available by special order.



  • Nominal Temperature 20 °C
  • Allowable Temperature Range: 18 – 22 °C
  • Temperature Gradient: 0.5° C/hour – 2° C/day – 0.5° C/meter
  • Extended Temperature Range: 16 – 26 °C
  • Operating Temperature Range: 15 – 35 °C
  • Relative Humidity 40 – 80% (non condensating)
  • Acceptable Vibrations: 30mm/ sec2 1-10Hz | 15mm/ sec2 10-20Hz | 50mm/ sec² 20-100Hz


  • Minimum Air Supply 6 Bar (87PSI)
  • Air Consumption 300Nl/min
  • Power Supply Voltage 230v 50Hz or 110v 60Hz (+/- 2% single phase)
  • Maximum Power Consumption 16A 1600W

Performance Data

  • COORD3 CMM products are evaluated for accuracy using the ISO10360 standard.
  • Dual Drives and Dual Scales on longitudinal axis
  • Wireless Thermal Compensation of Machine and Part
  • Monolithic Base
  • Bellows Covers to X & Y axes
  • Air Drier
  • Modular Part Fixturing Kits
  • CMM Modular Enclosure
  • Component Support Table
  • Trolley to move parts in/out measuring area
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