Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machines

Inspection of large components on a Coordinate Measuring Machine requires a blend of large volume measuring capability and high accuracy performance. With over 30 years of experience in the development and construction of machines designed for such applications, COORD3 provide a wide range of Gantry style CMMs characterized by supreme mechanical design and structural stability that ensure long term accuracy performance.

COORD3 is a major supplier of large Gantry CMM solutions to the global aerospace, energy and heavy equipment manufacturing sectors.

MCT_NT_REVOMCT NT – Entry Level Gantry CMM

The MCT NT is an entry level Gantry CMM to accommodate average large part inspection requirements. Its supreme mechanical design and stability ensure long-term accuracy. MCT NT is a blend of the most advanced technology, design (FEM analysis), material selection and experience gained from pioneering the dimensional inspection of large parts – combined to provide an outstanding customer price-performance ratio.

Available in Gantry bridge widths of 2000mm and 2500mm, the MCT NT is the ideal production shop CMM and can be supplied in two accuracy classes.

The following MCT Gantry CMM cross section sizes are available:

20.10 | 20.15 | 25.15 | 25.18

MCT NT 30.20.10
MPEE: 3.5 + 3.5L/1000 ; MPEP: 4.3 (implemented by multi-sensor temperature compensation system)

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MCT SL – Medium/Large Gantry CMM

The MCT SL series offers medium-to-large Gantry CMMs that are notable for their excellent structural stability and adaptability. They can be configured according to the requirements of each measuring application and are available in a wide range of sizes – up to 20 meters in length, or even beyond for advanced aero-structure applications. A MCT SL Gantry CMM can be supplied with Renishaw 5-axis technology, resulting in the most productive Gantry CMM available.

Gantry bridge widths of 2000mm, 2500mm and 3000mm and up to 2000mm in Z-axis measuring range width make the MCT SL a great production shop CMM. It is also available in two accuracy classes. The NT version features a silicon carbide Z-axis column offering increased stiffness for high accuracy scanning applications.

The following MCT SL Gantry CMM models sizes are available:

20.20 | 25.18 | 25.20 | 30.20

Accuracy from 5 + 6L/1000

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MCT PLUS – Extra Large Gantry CMM

MCT Plus (Gantry)The MCT PLUS is a large-scale Gantry CMM created for industrial shop floor environments. Its special structure and “Dual Drive” plus “Dual Scale” system on the longitudinal axis avoid structural distortion during motion, guaranteeing metrological performance to the highest standards in its class.

MCT PLUS Gantry systems excel when inspecting large-scale components, such as marine engines and transmissions, aeronautical structures, rotors and components for nuclear and thermal power plants, and wind turbine components.

Available with Gantry bridge widths of 2500mm, 3000mm and 3500mm as standard and up to 5000mm upon request, and with a standard Z-axis measuring range of up to 2500mm, the MCT PLUS is the ultimate large-scale Gantry CMM.

The following MCT Plus Gantry CMM models sizes are available:

25.20 | 30.20 | 30.25 | 35.25 | 50.30

Accuracy from 7 + 8L/1000

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TouchDMIS Measuring Software

Making CMM measurement simple incorporating a 100% Touch interface with TouchCAD quick programming module. TouchDMIS is a game changer in CMM usability offering the world’s first all TOUCH CMM software. Seamlessly integrated with both manual and DCC COORD3 Touch and Scanning Probes TouchDMIS requires just a few hours training and offers incredibility short learning curves. TouchDMIS takes the expert out of CMM measuring and programming.

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