UNIVERSAL 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

universal-background-removedThe Ultimate Performance CMM

COORD3 present the ultimate performance UNIVERSAL CMM – the high technology alloy bridge CMM provides high dynamics and high accuracy performance while achieving outstanding thermal stability. UNIVERSAL provides a flexible coordinate measuring platform allowing use of point-to-point, analogue contact scanning and laser scanning sensors. The UNIVERSAL CMM’s high structural rigidity makes an ideal platform for full 5-axis scanning and gear measurement applications.

UNIVERSAL has an isostatic design of each axis providing optimum machine geometrical alignment during CMM manufacture and ongoing field calibrations; combined with monolithic base-plate, with integral inverted dovetail air-bearing guide-ways, and generous 90mm² Z Ram providing outstanding metrological performances. Direct axis drives, using toothed drive belts, provide vibration free motion with zero hysteresis. The efficient machine design minimizes total part count reducing complexity and improving long-term reliability and cost of ownership.

The COORD3 UNIVERSAL introduces a CMM industry first by incorporating a Bluetooth wireless CMM thermal compensation system of both machine and part allowing the measuring system to automatically and dynamically compensate for changes in CMM operating environment. The system allows the CMM to perform with stated measuring accuracy between 16O°C and 26O°C. In addition the Gold plated 0.1 Micron Measuring Scales are free-floating in support tracks eliminating any CMM structural changes from influencing its measuring accuracy.

The following UNIVERSAL CMM models sizes are available:

7.7 | 9.8 | 12.10 | 15.10 | 15.10 | 15.13

All models are available in a range of lengths to suite your measuring application.

Due to the high dynamics achieved by the UNIVERSAL CMM the optional SZP (safety zone protection system) can be added which uses Laser Scanners to monitor the defined protection zone when the CMM is in high-speed automatic measuring mode. SZP reduces the CMM speed upon infringement of the safety zone by an operator and automatically returns the CMM to its full measuring speed only after the zone infringement has been cleared. The SZP system allows safe use of the CMM in a production shop-floor and fully automated applications.

UNIVERSAL represents the very best CMM technology available and was designed by the COORD3 Italy design studio using renowned engineers with more than 3 generations of CMM design expertise and internationally recognized accomplishments.

To review the advanced technical highlights of the UNIVERSAL CMM click here

Features & Benefits
  • Ultra rigid alloy CMM platform provides maximum stiffness for scanning applications
  • 90mm² Z ram cross-section provides enhanced rigidity
  • Rapid thermal diffusion by CMM frame when environment conditions change
  • FEA designed bridge beam extrusion provides optimum moment of inertia for minimum deflection when operating at high accelerations
  • One piece granite base plate with integral Y dovetail guideway improves repeatability and accuracy
  • M8 threaded table inserts in generous grid pattern
  • Rigid air bearings to all axes with wide bearing spread ratios with 3-point isostatic design on all axis
  • Pneumatic Z axis counter balance
  • Free Floating 0.1 micron resolution measuring scales incorporating dynamic signal processing
  • Full digital motion control with probe path blending for optimized CMM performance
  • Zero hysteresis toothed belt drives to all axes
  • Passive vibration damping system isolates external vibrations
  • Open access to CMM measuring area from all sides
  • Maximum Positioning Speed *866mm/sec
  • Maximum Acceleration *1500mm/sec²
*See Technical Datasheets for values specific to machine model sizes
Model & Sizes

COORD3 UNIVERSAL Vertical Bridge CMMs are available with the following measuring strokes:

Measuring strokes shown in mm.


Measuring Range (in mm)
700 1000 700
900 1200 – 1500 – 1200 800
1200 1500 – 2000 – 2500 1000
1500 2000 – 2500 – 3000 1000, 1300
Accuracy: MPEE = from 1.5 + L/333 μm

Note: Additional X lengths available upon request



  • Nominal Temperature 20 °C
  • Allowable Temperature Range: 18 – 22 °C (Extended Range 16 – 26 °C)
  • Temperature Gradient: 0.5° C/hour – 2° C/day – 0.5° C/meter (Extended Range 5° C/day – 1.0° C/meter)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 15 – 35 °C
  • Relative Humidity 40 – 80% (non condensing)
  • Acceptable Vibrations: 30mm/ sec2 1-10Hz | 15mm/ sec2 10-20Hz | 50mm/ sec2 20-100Hz


  • Minimum Air Supply 5 Bar -72PSI (6 Bar – 79PSI on larger models)
  • Air Consumption 100Nl/min (160Nl/min on larger models)
  • Power Supply Voltage 230v 50Hz or 110v 60Hz (+/- 2% single phase)
  • Maximum Power Consumption 10A 1200W (1600W on larger models)

Performance Data

  • All COORD3 CMM products are evaluated for accuracy using the ISO10360 standard.
  • Dynamic Wireless Thermal Compensation of Machine and Part (Standard on NT Model)
  • Laser based Safety Zone Protection System
  • Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System
  • Air Drier
  • Modular Part Fixturing Kits
  • CMM Modular Enclosure
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