Bridge CMM Product Range

COORD3 manual & DCC air bearing bridge configuration CMMs offer advanced measuring platforms. Available in bridge widths from 400mm to 2000mm and offering the most comprehensive range of Coordinate Measuring Machine model sizes in the market. COORD3 can design a CMM to accommodate your specific measurement requirements. Bridge CMMs can be equipped with Renishaw touch/scanning probes and Perceptron laser scanning sensors suitable for all measuring applications.

BENCHMARK – The Small Budget CMM

The BENCHMARK small measuring volume Bridge CMM is available in a manual and DCC version. It is a high performance budget CMM with a small machine footprint and unique half-gantry design. The BENCHMARK CMM can be equipped with the latest Renishaw 5-axis, infinite positioning, PH20 measuring system.

The following BENCHMARK CMM model sizes available are:

4.4 | 5.4

Accuracy from 2.5 + L/333

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ARES – The Value CMM

The ARES series of small and medium measuring volume Bridge CMMs offer high performance dimensional inspection platforms for general purpose metrology applications. ARES is also available in a manual and a DCC air-bearing version. The high accuracy NT version features a silicon carbide Z-axis column which increases the overall stiffness of the measuring platform. ARES NT is an outstanding CMM for high accuracy metrology applications utilizing the full range of Renishaw scanning technologies.

The following ARES CMM cross-section sizes are available:

5.5 | 7.5 | 7.7 | 9.7

Accuracy from 1.8 + L/333

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universal-background-removedUNIVERSAL – The Performance CMM

The UNIVERSAL series represent the ultimate high accuracy CMM with lightening fast dynamics. Ranging from 700mm to 1500mm in bridge width, the machine offers an excellent platform for the Renishaw 5-axis REVO probe head. The UNIVERSAL features the very best CMM technology available. COORD3 engineers have applied more than three generations of globally recognized CMM design accomplishments to this machine.

The following UNIVERSAL CMM cross-section sizes are available:

7.7 | 9.8 | 12.10 | 15.10 | 15.13

Accuracy from 1.5 + L/333

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Kronos – Large Measuring Volume CMM

KRONOS is the largest COORD3 Bridge CMM and can be deployed as an alternative to traditional Gantry CMMs for high precision measurement of mechanical parts without the need for specially constructed foundations. Its robust construction with protection system of covers and bellows allow the KRONOS CMM to operate in many production environments, including metrology rooms and manufacturing areas.

The following KRONOS CMM cross section size is available:


Accuracy from 3.6 + L/250

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TouchDMIS Measuring Software

Making CMM measurement simple incorporating a 100% Touch interface with TouchCAD quick programming module. TouchDMIS is a game changer in CMM usability offering the world’s first all TOUCH CMM software. Seamlessly integrated with both manual and DCC COORD3 Touch and Scanning Probes TouchDMIS requires just a few hours training and offers incredibly short learning curves. TouchDMIS takes the expert out of CMM measuring and programming.
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