PH20 Infinite Position Head

The Renishaw PH20 is another CMM measurement innovation product from Renishaw that will transform CMM machine performance. Now the 5-axis technology developed for the revolutionary Renishaw REVO measuring system is available for touch-trigger CMM applications.

Increased CMM Productivity

PH20 Coordinate measuring Machine | Coord3 high accuracy Hera CMM installed with 5 axis PH20The Renishaw PH20’s unique ‘head touches’ function allows measurement points to be taken by moving only the head rather than the complete CMM structure. The 5-axis motion of the PH20 eliminates time-consuming indexing of the traditional PH10 head. PH20’s infinite positioning capability allows easy access to features at any angle and guarantees optimum feature access minimizing stylus changes. 5-axis simultaneous motion also allows larger parts to be measured on a CMM by reducing the space required around the inspection part for head rotation. The PH20 also automatically aligns itself with the part coordinate system thus avoiding stylus collisions and the requirement to support the part on accurate fixtures.

Combined the speed improvements typically result in a 3-fold increase in productivity over conventional CMM measurements.

‘Head Touches’ Using the rapid rotary motion of the head, points can be taken faster, and with improved accuracy and repeatability when compared with the traditional CMM function of moving the complete structure to take points.

Enhanced Touch Trigger Probing Performance

  • Reduced CMM Repeatability by using  ‘head touch’ method since CMM structure is static
  • Increased CMM Accuracy from using ‘head touch’ method since CMM structure is static combined with PH20 head calibration based upon feature orientation
  • Pre-travel probe variation is automatically compensated
  • Automatic tip offset correction when module changing

Faster Styli Calibration

The unique ‘inferred calibration’ technique developed by Renishaw for the PH20 determines the head orientation and probe position in a single operation thereby allowing all subsequent measurements, at any head angle, to be performed without subsequent calibration. (Increased CMM metrology performance is available by calibrating the probe tip at the feature orientation if so required.)

These dramatic calibration time savings benefits accumulate the more angles you would typically calibrate with a PH10 and as the calibration process is repeated to comply with internal quality procedures or following a CMM crash.

Industry Standard TP20 Touch Probe

Users of the PH20 probe head have access to the complete range of Renishaw TP20 probe modules providing a wide selection of trigger forces and extensions to meet application requirements. The magnetic kinematic TP20 modules provide crash protection and can be changed automatically using the Renishaw MCR20 change rack.