CMM Probing Systems

Coordinate Measuring Machine Probing Systems

COORD3 Coordinate Measuring Machines are all equipped with tactile CMM sensor technology from Renishaw. CMM Machines can be supplied with touch-trigger probes or analogue scanning probes.

Renishaw is world renowned global supplier of CMM probing systems. For almost 40 years Renishaw has developed CMM probing technology and has subsidiaries to support its products around the world. Renishaw has pioneered touch-trigger and scanning sensors along with it PH10 range of motorized probe heads; its products offer unmatched reliability and low cost of ownership complimented by its unique ‘repair by exchange’ (RBE) program and its 3 years warranty extension program.

Renishaw and COORD3 Partnership

COORD3 has partnered with Renishaw as its probing supplier; this unique partnership provide free probe changers to COORD3 CMM customers under the ‘Free Changers’ program when acquiring a PH10 or PH20 equipped CMM.

Buy any new COORD3 CMM configured with a Renishaw motorized probe head and receive the applicable FREE Renishaw Change Rack. This very unique offer is due to our special Collaboration Partnership between Renishaw and is our joint thank you for the purchase of a new COORD3 CMM.


PH20 5 Axis Probe Head

Unlike conventional touch-trigger measurement methods which rely on speeding up the motion of the CMM’s 3 axes to measure quickly, PH20 utilizes the head motion technology developed for the multi-award winning REVO system to minimize the dynamic errors of the CMM at higher measurement speeds.

PH20’s unique ‘head touches’ allow measurement points to be taken by moving only the head, rather than the CMM structure. Points can be taken faster, and with improved accuracy and repeatability.

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REVO 5 Axis Scanning Multi-sensor Probe Head

The REVO® system uses synchronized motion and 5-axis measurement technology to minimize the dynamic effects of CMM motion at ultra high measurement speeds.

This is achieved by letting the REVO-2 head do the fast demanding motion while the CMM moves in a linear slow fashion. The use of a flexible tip-sensing probe system further adds to the system’s accuracy and flexibility. The removable probe system, used in conjunction with a low cost changer, provides added system flexibility.


PH10 Probe Head Family

The PH10 family of probe heads has been the industry standard for several decades. It allows the rapid indexing to pre-calibrated angles and supports the use of touch probes, tactile scanning and laser scanning probes. It allows for auto changing of probe devices and supports long extensions for measurement of hard to reach features.


Touch Trigger Probes

Touch-trigger probes measure discrete points, making them ideal for inspection of 3-dimensional geometric parts. Renishaw provides a comprehensive range of systems to meet the application needs and budget constraints of all CMM users, from simple CMM feature checks on manually to complex geometry part measurements. Renishaw manufacture touch probes using two base technologies namely mechanical and strain gauge principle. In addition any of the Renishaw Scanning Probes can be used in Touch Probe mode. Touch probes allow automatic tool change without the need for re-qualification.


Scanning Probes

Scanning probes are miniature measuring machines that can acquire several hundred surface points each second, enabling measurement of form as well as size and position. Scanning probes can also be used to acquire discrete points in a similar way to touch-trigger probes.


Manual Machine Probes

The MH20i is a manually adjustable indexing probe head with integral TP20 Touch Probe body allowing use of the TP20 magnetic stylus modules. The A-axis rotates through ±180° in the X-Y plane in 15° increments while the The B-axis rotates through 90° in the Z plane again in 15° increments. A manually adjusted lever locks the head into one of its 168 repeatable positions.