COORD3 History

COORD3, from company inception, took its name from the 3 Coordinate Measuring Machine it was born to serve. Founded in 1973 Coord3 offering mainly a cantilever style CMM machine addressing regional needs of the automotive fixture, moulds, tooling and sheet-metal part suppliers especially to the automotive industry dominant around in the Turin, Italy region. During the ‘70s and ‘80s more than 400 cantilever CMM machines were installed.

COORD3 – 4 Decades of CMM Production

In the latter years of the ‘80s the COORD3 CMM range was extended to include bridge, gantry and horizontal arm CMMs. COORD3 as a company has always had an ability to manufacture large measuring volume CMMs.

In 1999 COORD3 became part of an International Group of Companies providing COORD3 with the necessary resources to globalize its products and market presence.

In 2004 COORD3 and Carl Zeiss announced a cooperation whereby COORD3 supply Carl Zeiss it large volume CMMs platforms for integration with Zeiss probing, controller and software. The collaboration continues to this day.

COORD3 became part of the Metris Group in 2007 as Metris developed is global position as one of the major suppliers of high technology metrology capital equipment.

After a spin-off by Metris of its Italian Operations the COORD3 brand was reborn and relaunched as a privately owned company with global distribution activities.

Following the purchase of the Metris Group by Nikon Metrology in 2009, COORD3 becomes CMM structure supplier to Nikon.

In 2015, Perceptron acquired COORD3 and Next Metrology software to complete its Metrology product portfolio.

COORD3 is unique since other CMM OEM suppliers are its regular customers.

COORD3 offers its customer a comprehensive range of coordinate metrology products and systems manufactured to the highest quality with outstanding technical project management and firm delivery terms. The COORD3 aim is to operate beyond customers’ expectations through its effective and professional employees.

Today COORD3 has an install base of more than 5,000 coordinate measuring machines located in almost every country in the world and operates subsidiary companies in USA, China and India.